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tow truck Towson MarylandNo one expects to get stranded on the side of the road, but when it happens, you want to be fully prepared. With Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson on your speed dial, you can drive with full confidence knowing you have access to a reliable team of professionals round-the-clock. Located in Towson, MD, our towing company offers comprehensive towing services and roadside assistance. Whether you need a tired changed, have locked yourself out of the car, or need gas delivered to your location, we’ve got your back. Our expert operators and towing technicians are experienced and highly-trained to provide fast, friendly, and professional service when you need it most.

24/7 Emergency Towing Services

roadside assistance TowsonYou can’t always predict when your car is going to break down. That is why Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson offers 24/7 emergency towing services. Day or night, if you find yourself stuck on the side of the rode with a vehicle that won’t start call us for prompt service. Our quick response to emergency situations ensures that you don’t have to remain stranded any longer than necessary.

Our expert technicians are committed to providing drivers with dependable towing service beyond the typical 9 to 5 work day. We understand that the breakdown of a vehicle can be stressful. Therefore, we respond quickly and empathetically to your calls and will do our best to ensure you get home safely. Our wide selection of services is designed to accommodate your every need, from flat tires to multiple car collisions.

Heavy Duty Towingtowing company Towson MD

Our towing company can handle all of your heavy duty towing needs. Our heavy duty tow trucks are equipped to transport extra-large vehicles, such as buses, RVs, tractor units, and tank trucks. Like all vehicles, you never know when your heavy duty vehicle is going to break down. Allow us to provide you with peace of mind with our trusted tow truck services.

Our heavy duty tow trucks are some of the best in the business. We are proud to provide damage-free towing in Towson, MD in the surrounding areas for all of your heavy duty vehicles. You can’t afford to waste time after a breakdown occurs. Our trained technicians will quickly respond to your call and work swiftly to get you back on the road.

Medium Duty Towing

Towson Tow Truck TowsonTowing a medium duty vehicle is similar to towing a regular car. However, special precautions must be made to ensure that the vehicle is transported safely and without damage. Medium duty towing service in Towson, MD is recommended for Class 4 through Class 6 trucks, as well as motor homes and RVs.

Our impressive fleet of tow trucks is designed to haul all types of vehicles using modern equipment while following strict safety protocols. Maybe you have a utility truck that has broken down while on the job? Or perhaps your step van needs to be towed to a local shop. No matter the situation, Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson can help.

Light Duty Towing

tow truck in Towson MarylandLight duty towing in Towson, MD is one of the most common forms of towing. At Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson, we have the skill and knowledge needed to safely transport a wide range of light duty vehicles, such as two and four door cars, sports cars, small pickup trucks, and SUVs. Our towing company carries the proper insurance to give you peace of mind as your vehicle is being towed.

When you contact us for light duty towing, we will arrive promptly and transport your vehicle to the destination of your choice, whether it’s a local mechanic or your home. We know that you want to deal with the situation as quickly as possible. That is why our team is trained to provide the best response time in the area, whether it’s during rush hour or at 3 AM.


Roadside Assistance

roadside assistance in Towson MDFrom jumping batteries to changing flat tires, we offer roadside assistance to get your vehicle up and running again. Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson is equipped to handle all types of situations, from simple fuel delivery to more complex lock-out services. You just never know when you’re going to need help while on the road. Make us your first call and we’ll be there fast to help you solve your problem.

Our roadside assistance includes a wide range of services designed to take the stress off you as you dealing with the stressful situation. Call us day or night for flat tire changing, battery service, lock-out service, or for delivery of essential fuel or fluids. If we are not able to remedy the problem on-site, we also offer towing services to get your vehicle to the nearest garage.

Accident Recoverytowing company Towson Maryland

Vehicle accidents are common due to traffic congestion, distracted drivers, and simple mistakes. When you experience a traffic-related accident, don’t panic. The team at Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson is trained to respond to the scene of an accident to provide safe and efficient assistance. Our accident recovery services are designed to make the roadway clear of vehicles and debris after an accident.

It’s important to remember that vehicles stalled in the roadway or even in a shoulder lane can contribute to secondary collisions. This is especially true if the accident has occurred on a major highway. Our towing company will swiftly get to your location and help clear the scene after receiving the “ok” from police. Let us take care of your vehicle while you focus on your wellbeing.

roadside assistance Towson MarylandTire Change Service

Having your tire go flat on the side of the highway leaves you stranded until help can arrive. Fortunately, Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson is available to change your tire so that you can get back on the road safely. Not everyone has the tools, skill, or experience needed to change a flat tire, especially on the side of the road. Our affordable towing services make it easy to get your tire changed quickly and without damage to your vehicle.

When you contact our towing company about tire change services, we will get your location and promptly send a team member to the scene. We have all the tools and equipment necessary to safely lift your vehicle, remove the old tire, and replace it with a spare. This entire process can be accomplished in as little as 30 minutes, depending on your location.

Lock Out ServiceTowson Tow Truck

Many of us have experienced this scenario. You hop out of your car, close the door, only to find that you’ve locked your keys inside. While some people will use a coat hanger or similar object to try and essentially “break” into their vehicle, these types of objects can cause more harm than good. You’ll often find that these objects break the weather sealing around the windows, causing air and moisture to leak into your car.

At Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson, we offer professional lockout services for all types of vehicles. We have the tools necessarily to quickly and safely unlock your vehicle without causing damage to the delicate weather stripping, glass, or frame around the door. We are fast, efficient, and will get you back into your vehicle in no time flat.


roadside assistance Towson MDJump Start Service

Have a dead battery and need a jump? Contact the experts at Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson for fast and professional service. Your vehicle’s battery can fail for a number of reasons, such as cold weather, lights left on, or extended lack of use. However, no matter what caused your dead battery, you likely want to have it fixed quickly so you can get on with your day.

At Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson, we make it easy to charge up your battery. Simply call us and we will send someone to your location with the necessary tools and equipment to give your battery a boost. If for whatever reason your battery refuses to take a charge, we also offer towing services. Allow us to transport your vehicle to a local garage or service shop where you can have the battery replaced.

Gas DeliveryTowson Tow Truck Towson MD

If you’ve ever driven on empty, hoping that you would get to the gas station before running out of fuel, you know how valuable gas delivery service can be. For those times you don’t make it, call Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson. With just a quick phone call, we’ll deliver fuel to your location for an affordable fee.

It can be easy to forget that you need gas when you’re busy with work, family, and other responsibilities. While this situation is no doubt an inconvenience, it can be remedied quickly. When you contact our towing company, we’ll bring you two to three gallons of fuel to hold you over until you can get to a service station.

Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson offers the most complete towing and roadside assistance services throughout Towson, MD and the surrounding areas. We proudly service drivers in Towson, MD, Baltimore, MD, Parkville, MD, Carney, MD, Lutherville-Timonium, MD, and Pikesville, MD. For more information about any of our tow truck services or for assistance now, contact our office.

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