The team at Towson Tow Truck is proud to offer a wide variety of towing services and roadside assistance services to the great people of Towson, MD. Here are just a few of our most popular services.towing company Towson MD

Heavy duty towing

Designed for charter buses and big rigs, our heavy duty towing services are some of the best in the state. No matter if you are going to the yard or need to head to a local heavy duty mechanic, Towson Tow Truck has you covered.

Medium duty towing

Ideal for work trucks or cube vans, our medium duty towing service is designed to have you back on the road in no time. Call us 24/7 and experience the best medium duty towing in and around Towson, MD!

Light duty towingtow truck in Towson Maryland

Our bread and butter at Towson Tow Truck, light duty towing is all about our consumer clients. From mid-size SUVs to smaller hatchbacks, our light duty towing service focuses around response time and our reliable network of mechanics to get you back on the road asap.

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is something we can all get behind, and here at Towson Tow Truck, we have a wide variety of 24/7 emergency services that will be able to take care of you and your vehicle.

Tire change service

A blown tire is never a good thing to deal with, but here at Towson Tow Truck, we want to ensure that your tire change service is quick, efficient and safe. Call in one of our experts to take care of your blown tire or leak, and see why so many in Towson, MD already trust our fleet of trucks with all thing’s roadside assistance!

roadside assistance Towson MDJump start service

A dead battery is one of those things we all deal with at some point, and you never want to deal with again! Skip asking your neighbor or a stranger for a jump and call the experts at Towson Tow Truck who can jump you and get you back on the road in mere minutes.

Gas delivery service

Running out of gas happens to the best of us, but the key to a quality gas delivery is the price. Here at Towson Tow Truck we offer a great deal on our gas delivery price and can either fill your tank up, or if you prefer, we can fill you up enough to get to the next gas station!

Accident recoverytowing company Towson Maryland

From fender benders to recovering a vehicle in the forest, the team at Towson Tow Truck has been the premier choice in Towson, for all thing’s accident recovery. Trust the team that is trusted by first responders in our great city for accident recovery and give us a call today.

Lockout service

Forgot your keys in the car? It happens to the best of us, but only with Towson Tow Truck can you get back in your vehicle without damaging your vehicle. Call us today and get back in your car without having to try to bend a wire hanger!

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