towing company Towson MDTowing, it is in our name at Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson, and when it comes to towing service in our great little city of Towson, MD, there is no one better! Here are our three principle towing services that we are proud to offer to all the great people in and around Towson!

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy duty towing is all about the horsepower, and for our fleet of heavy duty tow trucks, they are certainly not short of that. This service is designed for those vehicles that need specialty tow services, such as 18-wheelers, charter buses and of course, larger cube trucks. As one of the only companies in the area to provide this service, we are always in high demand. No matter if we are taking a rig back to its yard, or providing towing service to a heavy duty mechanic, our drivers will make sure your rig or bus gets to where it is going as soon as possible. Call us today, and see how our fleet of heavy duty tow trucks can help your fleet, or your vehicle if you need a heavy duty tow in or around Towson, MD.

Medium Duty Towing

Towson Tow Truck TowsonOur medium duty towing service came out of an increased demand from small business owners and those who are working on job sites, but their trucks are a little too heavy for our light duty trucks. This service is designed for those who are operating larger work trucks or cube vans and need to get back to the site as soon as possible. This is why our mobile fleet has one of the best response times in the area and can provide you with a long list of commercial mechanics that we have worked with over the years. No matter if you are Towson, MD resident, or someone that is working in the area, the team at Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson has you covered. Call our dispatchers today and experience the difference in a tow truck service that puts customers first, rather than on hold!

Light Duty Towing

Towson Tow Truck Towson MarylandLight duty towing is where we started, our first couple of trucks at Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson were light duty trucks, and it is where many of our drivers earned their experience and expertise. This is why we at Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson have continued to provide this vital service to the great people of Towson, MD, and will continue to have one of the largest fleets of light duty tow trucks in the area. Our light duty towing service emphasizes on response time and will provide you and your vehicle with an accurate estimated time of arrival and quality towing service upon arriving on the scene. Experience a true leader in the towing service industry, and only when you call Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson.

No matter if you are looking for a heavy duty tow, a medium duty tow or a light duty tow, the team at Jack’s Tow Truck of Towson is one of the only full-service towing services you can depend on in Towson, MD. Call our team today, and experience the hardest working towing service in Towson!

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