tow truck in Towson MDWhen it comes to finding a team to work with for motorcycle towing, it all comes down to skills. Does the towing company have the ability to load and drop off the bike without damaging it? Have they provided towing services for motorcycles before, and do they know how to secure bikes on the back of their truck? Luckily for the great people of Towson, MD, the team at Towson Tow Truck has the skills and expertise to assist.

When we first opened our doors all those years ago, we never thought we would be providing this specialized service. We saw the need for normal vehicle towing, but for those with bikes, we thought there was already a service that covered Towson. Well, we could not have been more wrong. After a few weeks of working in our community, we realized that motorcycles were left to their own devices, and we hated that. We wanted to provide an all-encompassing towing service, so we went out of our way to send our drivers for training so we could help.

towing service Towson MDToday, we are one of the largest motorcycle towing companies in the region, and all of our drivers are fully trained and comfortable with towing bikes. We spend the time and money to train as motorcycles are their beast and require precision towing. So, when you call Towson Tow Truck, you will know that you are working with a company that knows what they are doing.

When you call the Towson Tow Truck team, you will quickly see why we are slightly different from the other towing options in the region. We take a client-focused approach to ensure that our team can provide a fantastic towing experience. It all starts with our team working to provide you with the towing service you deserve.

Our drivers know all the tricks and tips to ensure that your bike gets to where it needs to go when it comes to the tow. We use a four-point system to secure your motorcycle and can load and off-load with ease with our flatbed tow truck. Plus, the best part is we do not overcharge for this service like the other guys. So, no matter where you need to go, it will not leave a giant hole in your pocket.

tow truck in TowsonSo, if you are looking to move your bike to the garage, mechanic or anywhere else in or around Towson, MD, then it is about time you worked with the top towing option in the city. From sports bikes to cruisers, our fleet of flatbed tow trucks can be the towing solution you have been waiting for in Towson. Plus, with our response time in emergencies or the ability to book a tow around your schedule, you will be hard-pressed to find a better towing company that can tow bikes than us. So, call us today and find out why the Towson Towing Service is one of the best motorcycle towing options in and around the great city of Towson, MD!



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